Tuesday, February 20, 2007

This week’s events.

These pictures were taken at our second landing of the day at an airstrip called Owena. Here we brought in one guy and a bunch of supplies for the community. On our way out we had four students who were headed out to Goroka to go to school.

Here I snuck up the hill to snap a few quick pictures while Tim unloaded the aircraft.

Looking across the airstrip from one side to the other from the bottom of the parking area.

This one is taken from a little way down the airstrip looking back up at the aircraft and the hill that I climbed to take the first picture. This cut away hill and the one on the side of the airstrip show the amount of work it took to build the airstrip. And it was all done by hand.

The remainder of these pictures were taken at an airstrip called Merawaka. We made three trips into this airstrip this particular day, bringing in some community workers from Goroka.

The airstrip just coming into sight as we cross over a high ridge right beside the strip to join downwind.

Here we are on the downwind leg of the circuit (The airstrip is just to the left of the aircraft) You can see the narrow valley ahead where we have to make a 180° turn onto final.

We have now completed the turn to final and you can see the airstrip in the distance. Because of the illusions created by the surrounding terrain and the sloping airstrip, it is hard to believe that we are still about 500’ above the airstrip.

Here we are safe and sound in the parking looking back down the runway at the approach path. If you only looked at the trees, you could almost think we were back home in Alberta.

This picture shows about an eighth of the crowd that showed up to watch. On each of our three landings there were just as many people who came to the strip to see what was going on.


Blogger MaD Amendt said...

Hey guys!

Great to finally catch up with you! Wow, what a different life you have now! We look forward to getting to see more of it. God bless you guys. Mary, Dave, Ian

7:33 PM  
Blogger Ian and Louise Helder said...

We have never met but I have read all about you in the Crossing. I want to encourage you in your calling. I can relate to the roaches and rats! The grossest part of all is when it barely fazes you anymore. Your children are adorable and seem to be adapting well. Many blessings from the Philippines!

7:52 PM  
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